The National Airsoft Festival 2022
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"Incredibly Diverse Terrain"

Ground Zero is situated about a mile from the nearest road on the private grounds of Somerley Estate in Ringwood, Hampshire. The Estate is owned by Lord Normanton, and his son, Lord Somerton.

The geography of Ground Zero is so incredibly diverse it will easily cater for all styles of gameplay - from sniper to CQB.

Find your way through the myriad of bush tunnels along the "Ho Chin Minh Trails", winding and sneaking up and down the hills and valleys. Suddenly pop out into the open roads, sneak up on a command base for an attack, then exfiltrate back into the bush tunnel network. Dig into the hillside surrounded in bushes, ferns and cover waiting for that perfect one-shot kill. Before you know it, you've come across a hard bunker. It's up close and personal now, time to break out the pistol!

It's hard to sum up the uniqueness of the site on a webpage, so if you haven't seen it before now is a perfect chance to do so. You will love every minute of it.


Name: Ground Zero Airsoft

Location: Hampshire

Post Code: BH24 2DF

Game Area: 175 Acres

Safe Zone: 50 Acres

Clothing Shop: Yes

Hot Food: Yes, Several

Snacks: Yes

Licensed Bar: Yes

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