G.Z.C.F - Ground Zero Coalition Forces
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G.Z.C.F - Ground Zero Coalition Forces

Regular Skirmish Sites:
Ground Zero Woodland, Skirmish Warminster, UCAP, Ironsight
Team Members:
Jester, Kooper, Rampage, Dan, Kai, Gadget, Freddie, Dave, Jesus, Major Landmark, Thatcher, Russ, Princess, Billy, Sam, Tyler, Josh, Jay, Ben, Craig, G, Freelancer, Flink
Members Booked: 2
Team Booked:
At the first weekender a few teams happen to camp near each other, the next thing we know we've coalesced into one of the largest teams at Ground Zero.

The Ground Zero Coalition Forces are a bunch of like minded party animals that can often be found propping up the local bar when not on the skirmish field. At the NAE we come into our own as our knowledge of the site allows us to travel unseen into locations you wouldn't expect. Once there our aim is to cause as much chaos and mayhem as possible :D

We'll see you on the battlefield!
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