The National Airsoft Festival 2024

Terms & Conditions

The prices for the event are clearly visible on our website. Prices listed are inclusive of UK VAT (where VAT is applicable) at the prevailing rate, unless otherwise stated.

Make sure you choose the right faction before you book your ticket, as we will not move players from one faction to another once booked.

If you are booking a private toilet, you will be asked to choose the zone that you would like your private toilet located in. In each zone there will be groups of private toilets, each numbered and locked with a combination padlock. You will be given the details of your assigned private toilet on arrival, based on your zone selection. It is up to you to ensure you arrive in plenty of time to select a camping area in appropriate proximity to your private toilet. We can not re-allocate or move private toilets once assigned. You may need to walk to your toilet if you do not camp near it for any reason. Lost combination padlocks are charged at £5 each. Private toilets are locked before the event and remain yours, in full privacy, for the duration of the festival. Private toilets are not opened or serviced during the event, so it is up to you to keep them clean. We will provide additional toilet rolls upon request.

You are responsible for your and your vehicles own safe entry and egress from our venue and camping fields. You indemnify us against any damage you or anything owned by you may cause to a third party or third party property whatsoever whilst at our venue. You confirm that any equipment you bring with you has been inspected or tested as necessary and is safe for use, and that you are suitably trained/experienced to operate such equipment. You further confirm it is understood that parking or pitching tents under or close to trees is forbidden for safety reasons. Should this be ignored, you shall indemnify us against all liability for damages or injury that may be caused. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for your own property and its safekeeping in its entirety whilst at our venue.

You will conduct yourself appropriately at all times and it is understood that no alcohol is to be consumed at all for participants in any airsoft game. All evening drinking shall be proportional and gross drunken behaviour shall not be tolerated, as we are not that sort of venue. This includes being drunk to the point of incapacity, aggressive behaviour both verbal and certainly physical, and not being able to follow staff instructions as necessary. Our staff reserve the right to refuse service at their discretion, for the benefit of all others. You are responsible for your own actions at all times and shall indemnify us against any damage you cause to property or people whilst at our venue.

If you have not booked to stay until Monday you must leave our site by 7pm on Sunday.

Prices may change at any time; but any changes will not affect already confirmed bookings where we have sent you a booking confirmation, except in cases of obvious error.

Sales of any nature for profit items or services (other than second hand items by private sale) by non-approved stallholders are strictly prohibited at all times on our property. This includes but is not limited to all new sales, bulk second hand sales (i.e. surplus), repairs for money, and any other activities that include an exchange of money. Any party/parties found violating this simple rule will void their entry tickets without further warning and be asked to pack up and leave the site immediately.

Payment for your booking must be made online with a credit or debit card or via Klarna. Credit and debit card payments made online through our website are processed by third party secure payment collection service. Our online payment processing is undertaken by Opayo SagePay, a leading secure internet payment service provider. Klarna payments are bound by the Klarna Terms & Conditions found on their website:

To successfully process your online booking, we will take your name, address and other details and then you will be transferred to a secure page to enter your credit or debit card details and finalise the payment process. SagePay & Klarna will need to know certain information about you in order to process the payment for your booking and by making such a booking you hereby consent to the transfer by us to SagePay or Klarna of such information.

All bookings & payments are final, and no refunds will be given for changes to bookings, cancellations of bookings, or for non-attendance. Upper management may decide to offer a discretionary refund for exceptional circumstances, on a case by case basis, and proof of such extenuating circumstance will be required if making such a claim. Any refund that may be given will be subject to a 10% administration fee.

Unlawful resale (or attempted resale) is grounds for seizure or cancellation of your booking without refund or compensation.

Participant Disclaimer

By booking for our event, you confirm your understanding that airsoft is a fast-paced, hands-on practical game which is potentially dangerous and could result in injury or death.
You understand all the risks involved in participating, combined with the inherent risks of being in a natural woodland environment, and you agree that you are electing to do so at your own risk.
You accept full responsibility for your actions and personal safety whilst at our venue.
You confirm that you do not have any pre-existing medical conditions or existing injuries that may be aggravated by participating in this event.

Ground Zero recommends full face protection to be worn at all times in game. We also recommend that suitable over-the-ankle boots that provide good grip be worn, as the terrain can be loose or slippery underfoot.

You warrant that you will not enter the airsoft game environment if you have been drinking alcohol.

Full site rules and safety information will be contained within your digital player pack, which must be downloaded from your account along with your ticket, and understood, before you book in. Everyone attending this event must learn and comply with the site rules at all times.

If participants are aged 17 or under, the booking must be completed by a parent or guardian, and by doing so such parent or guardian asserts permission for their child to participate, knowing the potential risks involved as stated above.

Ground Zero has a zero tolerance policy against cheating, and verbal or physical abuse. Failure to comply with these rules, and failure to conduct yourself in the spirit of the event will result in your removal from the game, and potentially the venue.

You warrant that any other person that you have also booked to participate in this event under this booking is also aware of our full terms and conditions, including this participant disclaimer, and that they have given their consent for you to proceed with the booking, on their behalf, on this basis.

1. Cancellation and changes to the National Airsoft Festival
a) The Organisers reserve the right at any time to cancel or postpone The National Airsoft Festival or to cancel, postpone or vary any event comprising part of The National Airsoft Festival, including due to any event outside of the reasonable control of the Organisers affecting the performance of its obligations or the running of The National Airsoft Festival, including without limitation unavailability of the venue or participants, civil commotion, riot, invasion, Royal mourning, national mourning, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not), natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, pandemic or epidemic or any law or action taken by a government or public authority.
b) We will contact you as soon as reasonably possible to notify you of any cancellation or rescheduling of The National Airsoft Festival. Please be aware that it may be necessary to cancel The National Airsoft Festival and announce rescheduled dates on short notice.
c) Should weather or other circumstances curtail safe gaming activities, where possible other exhibits and displays will remain available. For the avoidance of doubt, this shall not constitute a cancellation of The National Airsoft Festival.
d) In event of cancellation or rescheduling of The National Airsoft Festival, the Organisers may offer Ticket Holders tickets to a substitute or rescheduled event, or the option to donate the ticket price as a charitable donation as an alternative to receiving a refund, or Ticket Holders may instead opt to receive a refund. Where tickets to a substitute or rescheduled event are available, you will be notified and given not less than 30 days from the date of notice of cancellation of the Event in which to confirm your preference (unless the rescheduled or substitute event is to be held sooner than 30 days from the date of notice of cancellation, in which case you may be offered the option of a ticket to that event or an alternative substitute event to be held at a later date). In the absence of a response within such period, the Organisers will provide you with tickets to a substitute or rescheduled event. Refunds will be paid within 14 days beginning on the date on which you confirm to the Organisers you wish to receive a refund (or if no substitute or rescheduled event is offered, 14 days of confirmation that no substitute or rescheduled event will be offered). If the Organisers cannot make payment of refunds within these periods due to events outside of the reasonable control of the Organisers, you will be kept informed and payments will be made within a reasonable time.
e) The Organisers' liability for cancellation or rescheduling or failure to deliver The National Airsoft Festival shall be limited to providing tickets to a substitute or rescheduled event or providing a refund in accordance with paragraph 2d and the Organisers shall have no further liability to any Ticket Holder in relation to any other costs or expenses, including without limitation, the costs of any travel, accommodation or other arrangements made in connection with The National Airsoft Festival.

2. Liability:
a) In this section, the "National Airsoft Festival Parties" means Zero One Airsoft Ltd., Complete Leisure Events Ltd., and the Organisers and the National Airsoft Festival Executive Committee together with their respective Affiliates, employees, contractors, servants and agents.
b) Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall limit the liability of any of the National Airsoft Festival Parties for death or personal injury resulting from its negligence or for any other liability which cannot be excluded by law.
c) Subject to paragraph 2b, whilst the Organisers take reasonable care to ensure the safety of the event, the Ticket Holder acknowledges that they may be exposed to possible risk of physical harm or property damage due to the nature of The National Airsoft Festival and the Ticket Holder enters and brings any vehicle or property into the Estate, Campsite and surrounding areas entirely at their own risk.
d) Other than where the Ticket Holder suffers personal injury or death or property damage resulting from the negligence of a National Airsoft Festival Party, the Ticket Holder acknowledges that the National Airsoft Festival Parties will not be liable for any loss or damage that the Ticket Holder may suffer as a result of purchasing a ticket and/or gaining access to The National Airsoft Festival grounds. This exclusion applies whether the liability arises in contract or tort ((including negligence and negligent misstatement) or for misrepresentation, breach of statutory duty or otherwise).
e) Subject to paragraph 2b, in no circumstances will the National Airsoft Festival Parties be responsible to the Ticket Holder for any economic loss of any kind, loss of profits, loss of contracts, loss of earnings or loss of revenues or for any indirect or consequential loss or damage.
f) Subject to paragraph 2b, the maximum aggregate liability on the part of the National Airsoft Festival Parties shall be limited to the face value of the ticket of the relevant Ticket Holder.

3. Data Protection:
a) The Ticket Holder acknowledges that in connection with purchasing tickets for or attending The National Airsoft Festival, the Ticket Holder will provide the Organisers with certain personal data, such as names and contact details.
b) The Organisers are the controller of your data and are committed to ensuring your personal data is stored safely and in compliance with all applicable data protection legislation in force from time to time in the UK. We will process your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy:

4. General:
a) The Organiser may transfer its rights and obligations under the Terms and Conditions to another organisation, but this will not affect your rights or the Organisers obligations under these Terms and Conditions and you will be notified in writing if this happens. You may only transfer your rights or your obligations under these Terms and Conditions to another person if the Organiser agree in writing.
b) These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the Organisers and the Ticket Holder. You acknowledge that you have not relied on any statement, promise or representation made or given by or on behalf of the Organisers which is not set out in these Terms and Conditions.
c) If for any reason any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, such provision shall be severed and the remainder of the Terms and Conditions shall continue in full force and effect.
d) The National Airsoft Festival Parties may enforce their rights and enjoy the benefits given under paragraphs 2 of these Terms and Conditions against the Ticket Holder. Otherwise, a person who is not a party to the agreement formed between the Organisers and the Ticket Holder on these Terms and Conditions will not have any right to enforce or enjoy the benefit of any provision of these Regulations.
e) These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the Ticket Holder agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts over any matter arising under or in connection with these Terms and Conditions.