The National Airsoft Festival 2022
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Make sure you book early to get a discounted price!
On the 1st of August the price will increase to £115
Total Weekend Fee: £100
This covers the whole weekends game & all facilities! Price is per player and a deposit of £40 is required in advance.
Optional Extras
Stay Till Monday: £10
Camp an extra night and unwind after the game. Per person.
Gun Hire: £40
Per person. Limited availability so book early!
Private Toilet: £130
Public toilets are provided for everyone, included in the weekend fee. If you wish to have your own private toilet just for your team, you can book one of these for yourself. They will be delivered to your camping area. Priced per toilet.
Non-Playing Campers: £20
If you want to bring your partners or family down to enjoy the spirit of the event, but they don't want to play. Per person, per night.
Booking Required In Advance

Make sure you book early to get a discounted price! The later you book the price increases due to additional admin costs and rising supplier costs. On the 1st of August the price will increase to £115 per player.

The current price for players is £100 for the weekend including camping! At least £40 of this must be paid as a deposit and you can pay the balance in cash on arrival or before hand in increments of £5 online. You can add £10 and stay until Monday. This can be selected on your bookings page even after your place is booked incase you change your mind.

If you want to be part of the weekender, then it is essential that you book well in advance. There is no limit on the number of people we allow to attend - the more the merrier - however in order to ensure we have the correct amount of toilets, food, facilities, camping space, game tags etc. we do need to confirm everyone who is attending in advance, leaving us plenty of time to prepare for the big game.

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