The National Airsoft Festival 2023
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Frontline Events are a WW2 Re-enactment community, this year our replica German Armoured Car & Artillery piece will be available to view at our stall along with many German & Allied uniforms and Airsoft weapons. Frontline Events - Photo 1Frontline Events - Photo 2Frontline Events - Photo 3Frontline Events - Photo 4Frontline Events - Photo 5

Defiant Events provides advanced MilSim Style themed, immersive airsoft events across the country - spanning various lengths of time, including 8-, 24-, or 36 hrs.

We use vehicles, props, and other assets that players can interact with, as well as realistic objectives and taskings to give a truly immersive experience. Our events regularly incorporate aspects of joint operations, MOE, EMOE, pyrotechnics, reconnaissance, and many other military-inspired elements.

Our primary objective is the personal enjoyment of each individual player - regardless of their experience or skills.

Defiant Events welcomes everyone so long as you can demonstrate a suitable mindset
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