The National Airsoft Festival 2024
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Stallholder Application Form

If you would like to run a stall or exhibit at The National Airsoft Festival, please fill out the application form below.

The deadline for all applications to be submitted, and pending applications to be fully paid & completed is in 25 days, on the 31st July, 2024.

Once submitted, your application will then be reviewed by a member of our team and you will receive an email with further instructions.

Completing this form does not guarantee you entry to the event. Please wait to hear from us.

Please select your stall category to start the application process:
Location Wanted:
You can select multiple locations by pressing ctrl when you click (Windows) or cmd when you click (Mac)
Your booked pitch size must be sufficient to accommodate everything you wish to have near you (such as a generator, your van, tent etc.) If these things will fit within your pitch space, we have no problem with them being there. But if they don't fit (i.e. you have not booked a big enough pitch) you will need to use the car parking provided, and camp in the camping area.
Your Name:
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Tell us what it is you would like to do / sell at our event:
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Photos of your stall:
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Description of your company & products to display on our website:
Insurance Certificate:
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This must cover public liability and your Business/Activity
Your Public Liability insurance certificate MUST include an 'Indemnity to Principal' extension (which extends cover to us) for the duration of the event." If you do not have this, please speak to your broker/insurer before uploading.)
Fire Risk Assessment:
(.jpg .pdf .doc .docx only)
You can provide your own fire risk assessment for your stall if you have one, or download the caterer template by clicking here.
You can provide your own fire risk assessment for your stall if you have one, or download the stallholder one by clicking here.
Food Hygiene / Inspection Certificate from Local Authority:
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Council Registered with:
Current Food Hygiene Rating:
Sample Menu: (.jpg .pdf .doc .docx only)
Meal Times Offered:
Breakfast Lunch Dinner

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