The National Airsoft Festival 2023
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The Heavenly Crepe is a family-owned Dorset business. Our Bubble Waffles, Bubble Toasties and Bubble Tea are freshly made in front of your guests on the day with ingredients sourced throughout Dorset.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver consistently high standards of catering at all times.

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The Heavenly Crepe - Photo 1The Heavenly Crepe - Photo 2The Heavenly Crepe - Photo 3The Heavenly Crepe - Photo 4The Heavenly Crepe - Photo 5

The core of the entertainment area - inside and out. Not just because it's the place with the beer ... because it's the social epicentre.

The GZ Bar offers a place to sit and relax, chat with mates to a bit of background music, and have a drink of something cold and refreshing. We offer multiple icy cold draught beers and ciders, as well as local ales, bottled ciders and beers, wine, spirits, dispensed soft drinks and bottled soft drinks.

The GZ Bar also offers multiple slush drinks, even slushies with shots! As well as popcorn, candlyfloss, chocolate, crisps and other snacks.

If you don't want to queue, simply order on our table service app and we'll deliver your drinks to your table!

In the evenings the GZ Bar is the place to be for live music, quizzes and other entertainment!

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The GZ Bar - Photo 1The GZ Bar - Photo 2The GZ Bar - Photo 3The GZ Bar - Photo 4The GZ Bar - Photo 5

Our Ice Creams are handmade and chosen from our finest suppliers New Forest Ice Cream in Sway, Callestick Farm in Cornwall and Marshfield Farm in Bath all produced and certified in the UK. We serve a variety of mouthwatering Ice Cream flavours such as the Award winning Salted Caramel, Blackcurrants in Clotted Cream, Honey & Stem Ginger and many more as well as the classic favourite Award winning "Mr Whippy". We have a choice of Organic, Gluten, Lactose, Dairy and Nut Free products suitable for Vegans and vegetarians as well as Low Calorie Ice Cream as a healthy Option. We cater for all tastes and the whole family. Surrey Ices Uk - Photo 1Surrey Ices Uk - Photo 2

Finest barista coffee, teas, luxurious hot chocolates! Plus of course our legendary Espresso Martini's and this year other coffee based cocktails! Filled baguettes, hand made cakes (yes our Victoria sponge will be back!) and we're adding Aebleskiver - Dansh pancake balls served with chocolate sauce or jam! OneNine 58 Ltd (Coffee) - Photo 1OneNine 58 Ltd (Coffee) - Photo 2

We bring over 30 years of Australian BBQ and outdoor cooking experience to your favourite festivals and events. We’re experts in quality slow-roasted pork, locally-sourced and served with and all the trimmings.

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Scout & Hunter - Hog Roast - Photo 1Scout & Hunter - Hog Roast - Photo 2Scout & Hunter - Hog Roast - Photo 3Scout & Hunter - Hog Roast - Photo 4Scout & Hunter - Hog Roast - Photo 5

Le Coq offers the most delicious buttermilk fried chicken. Served with delicately flavoured skin on fries and mouth watering asian slaw.

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Le Coq/Dimkin Ltd - Photo 1Le Coq/Dimkin Ltd - Photo 2Le Coq/Dimkin Ltd - Photo 3

Paella Espana & Churros

Paella Espana serving the finest Authentic Spanish Paella with a British twist

Churros Espana Spanish churros with chocolate sauce and Spanish coffee
Paella Espana  & Churros - Photo 1Paella Espana  & Churros - Photo 2Paella Espana  & Churros - Photo 3Paella Espana  & Churros - Photo 4

Freshly blended milkshakes blended from ice cream, vegan shakes freshly blended from vegan ice cream. Smoothies 100% fruit (no milk used) frozen fruit blended with apple juice. Breakfast smoothie made with berries, oats, honey and milk.
Iced coffee freshly blended, vegan option available.

All drinks served in pint cups

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Shelbys Shakes - Photo 1Shelbys Shakes - Photo 2

We are The Curry Monster, and we provide Authentic Indian curries for all tastes. All our curries are gluten free and come with rice and a Naan bread. We also have an array of side orders like Samosa, Bhaji, poppadom's chips & curry sauce cheesy chips.
If you like something really hot & challenging, then try our Ghandi's Revenge!!

"Spice Up Your Life"

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The Curry Monster - Photo 1The Curry Monster - Photo 2The Curry Monster - Photo 3The Curry Monster - Photo 4

Greek Gyros (Kebaps), Chicken, Lamb,Pork, and Sausages in a Greek Pita Bread Wrap with salad and chips. Also we do and Vegetarian options such as vegetarian pita wrap. Back for another year!

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Just Greek - Photo 1Just Greek - Photo 2Just Greek - Photo 3Just Greek - Photo 4Just Greek - Photo 5

Gourmet burgers hand made and locally sourced, with skin on chips. Southern fried chicken burgers. Hand made Lincolnshire sausages . Thick cut bacon. Full English Breakfast or a Breakfast bap.

Mexican Street Food is one of the most exciting cuisines in the world, famous for its fresh, vibrant tasting food, full of nourishment and goodness. Our Burritos are no exception, prepared with freshly prepared ingredients, made to order - just how you like them. Add some spice with our locally grown chillis.

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Cantina El Burrito - Photo 1Cantina El Burrito - Photo 2Cantina El Burrito - Photo 3Cantina El Burrito - Photo 4Cantina El Burrito - Photo 5

Authentic Bavarian Bratwurst imported from Germany. Bratwurst, Kasewurst, Krakauer, Currywurst. All topped with your choice of onions, sauerkraut, pickled red cabbage, pickles and crispy onions. Vegan bratty also available.

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Bavarian Bratwurst - Photo 1Bavarian Bratwurst - Photo 2Bavarian Bratwurst - Photo 3

We are a family run Wood Fired Pizza Stall in which we can make, cook and serve pizzas in under 2 minutes!! This is very popular with all ages. All staff are trained and hold current food hygiene certificates and are very enthusiastic throughout the event. We have been at the NAF for the past 4 years. Our prices are also customer friendly. We look forward to seeing you at the event!

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Wood Fired Pizza Shack (Ticklin' Tastebuds) - Photo 1Wood Fired Pizza Shack (Ticklin' Tastebuds) - Photo 2Wood Fired Pizza Shack (Ticklin' Tastebuds) - Photo 3Wood Fired Pizza Shack (Ticklin' Tastebuds) - Photo 4Wood Fired Pizza Shack (Ticklin' Tastebuds) - Photo 5