The National Airsoft Festival 2024
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The first ever issue of Airsoft Action was launched at the National Airsoft Festival, and it seems only fitting that we should be here to cover this event, year after year! We will be in-game, reporting on the action directly from a players perspective.

Krios Photography is excited to announce that we will be attending the National Airsoft Festival 2024. With our larger portable studio accommodating groups of up to 8 individuals. We also offer the option to hire your own personal photographer to capture moments in the field with you and your squad. If you prefer not to hire your own, we have roaming photographers assigned to each large team. Action shots are available for purchase starting at £2!

With a presence at events since 2015, Krios is a pioneer in airsoft photography, committed to showcasing the excitement and enjoyment of the sport through our lens. Our mission is to share the passion for airsoft and highlight its exhilarating gameplay. Krios goes beyond photography by providing tutorials and equipment to aspiring photographers, contributing to the growth of the sport in the years to come.

Book your session with us at or explore your event photos at
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